5 Rules for Android Developers to Earn

Hi, I’m Kashif Nadeem and i am going to discuss a serious problem faced by freelancers specially “Android Developers“. As i have noticed that Android development growing so rapidly and demand of “Android Applications” are increasing. So a lot of online work has been created for Android Developers and they are working professional and making money on different freelancing market places.

But “What for juniors?

I am explaining some key point that can be followed before deciding to adopt profession as “Android Developers“.

Learn Basic Languages 

Dear Junior before getting into as “Android Developers“, just think about the fact that if you have professional knowledge about the languages used to develop “Android Applications” then it is easy task to achieve goal towards “Earning through Androids“. I suggest you to learn “Basic Java” concepts as Java is object oriented programming language and powerful networking programming features are part of this language. Start learning, it will take a time but d’not worry it is your first step toward “Android Developer“.

Think about Market values

It is very important factor to think about the market values and interests of customers in a field that is being adopted by you. Just take an overview of different freelancing market places to point out the demand of “Android Applications” in different area of interest. Because at the end, it will be a painful fact that you have a skills and their is values in market, and your are stuck in situation that now “what will be the future?” Think before you leap.

Your Interest is Your Skill

It is very important factor that you need to make full interaction and show loyalty to your work. Sometimes we start to learn a skill and after some days we got fed up and start learning some other skills. It is waist of time become a perfect decision makers to decide about career.

Practice makes a man perfect

Practice makes a man perfect, adopt this rule sin your life d’not copy paste code form Internet, just learn what is being explained then write your own code, in the beginning may be there will be a lot of mistakes but you will be a perfect debugger also.

Master Your Skills

You need to master your skills as competition growing among professionals and you will be thrown backward if you come will no skills. try to make simple Application and then learn “How to make professional Applications in Java?“. Visit freelancing market places to observe the customers demand. You will get idea to develop applications according to customer requirements.

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