Popular Digital Marketing Jargon

Digital Marketers in the industry use a lot of technical words that common people do not understand. Most common of these include

  1. Conversion Rate: How many people have done an action that was planned for them to do
  2. Call to Action: An action you ask people do to in your marketing
  3. Engagement Rate: count of no. of comments, replies, likes, shares etc. by the customers on your posts
  4. Impressions: No. of times your ad has been displayed (could be several times for one person)
  5. Reach: No. of people who have seen your ad
  6. Affinities: Topics, pages, interests that your customers like
  7. Trending topic: A topic being shared a lot by people on social media presently
  8. Sentiment: What do people think about a particular topic
  9. Paid Media: Ads that are paid
  10. Owned Media: Ads displayed on your own website/ social media page
  11. Social Media Influencers: People who have become extremely famous on social media, so much so that they receive the status of being a celebrity
  12. Keyword: Words used to search for something on Search Engines
  13. Meme: A funny picture that has been shared by a lot of people
  14. Viral: A post/picture that has been shared by a lot of people in a very short period of time
  15. API: A software code for social media that you can place on your website
  16. Historical Data: Past data of your website
  17. Analytics: Using statistical techniques to gain insights from data

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