What is organic and paid reach in Digital Marketing?

Facebook insights provides a lot of information for a digital marketer. The most important out of these perhaps I the figured is “reach”.

What is reach? Reach is the number of people who have viewed your page or your post or your ad. Organic reach is the number of people who have viewed your page/post without the need of an ad. This figure is different from the number of your followers, this is because people may mention friends in comments on a post or someone may mention your page on their profile as well. Reach you get from paid advertisement is called paid reach.

Reaching more people on Facebook i.e. increasing the number of people who see your page and posts on Facebook is highly important. These people are the ones that are exposed to your social media efforts and they are the actual market that you are in contact with on social media. Organic Reach is the people you reach only when either you share them something, or when they share your content to the people they know.

Paid reach is the people you reach who have viewed your ad and looked at your page. You should improve organic reach as it costs nothing, creates more credibility for your brand and is reflective how involved people are themselves to your cause. You increase organic reach by creating great content and by promoting engagement. You should improve paid reach as ads are fast, targeted and measurable.

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